Wow!  We have been so blessed to have been at your preschool these last three years.  Seriously, you have gifted teachers.  Thanks you for taking such good care & fostering a love of learning in both of my sons.   

 -Jana, Syracuse

I don't know where to begin with how much I have appreciated you for the last five years.  Thank you for loving and teaching my children.  My children are better because of you.    

-Kristy, Syracuse 

I am thourougly impressedwith the quality of service, resources and education at Angie's Kinder Academy.  Thank you so much for a wonderful school year.                                

-Elaine, Ohio formerly HAFB


I just got home from Alexis' teacher conference and wanted to let you know how great it went.  Her teacher is amazed by how much she knows and she is at the top of her class!  She scored all 4s on the assessment, which is the highest here in Washington.  Her reading group only has a couple other kids in it and they will be going to the  1st grade classroom to read.  She is doing very well in math too.  I was just very excited; I feel you played a HUGE role in how advanced she is!  We certainly miss you!!   

-Denae, Seattle, WA formerly HAFB  


Abbey started kindergarten last week.  I dreaded it and thought it was going to be a tear-fest at the door.  But because of her wonderful experience at preschool, she was beyond prepared.  She didn’t shed a tear, and neither did I!  I honestly thought I would be a wreck because Abbey would be crying and begging me not to leave…but that never happened.  In fact, she told me that she can walk in herself and doesn’t need me to do it anymore.  It’s a little sad to let her go and see her grow up, but it’s even better to see her confident in her abilities to excel in school and to know that school is a fun experience.  Honestly, you guys get all the credit for that.  I could have talked until I was blue in the face about how great school is, but you helped her experience that first-hand and made it so great for her that she’s hooked for life (hopefully).  Thank you again SO MUCH!    

-Courtney, Clinton


I want to thank you for a wonderful school year for Ryker. I was a little nervous at first to send him, I worry about leaving him, he was my baby and 5 years old. I chose to hold him back one more year from Kindergarten and I am so glad I did. Your program is amazing when you said he would be reading I didn't believe it. You taught him the love of reading, he had an excellent teacher and he loved every minute of pre-school. I will highly recommend your pre-school to anyone looking for a pre-school.  Thanks again for creating a great place we can send our kids to learn.    

-Amy, Clinton                                                                                   


Thank you so much for the love and care you have shown my daughter this school year. She has mentioned many times how much fun she has, and I can definitely tell a huge difference in her skills. It has been such a great year and I can't wait for the next one.    

-Brooke, Roy





I have been very happy with the school. My children have learned more from you in a few months than from me. They love to come to school and they talk very highly of you. I look forward to sending my other children in a few more years. Thank you for all your hard work. It is a job well done.
- Denise, Clinton


My child has really enjoyed being in your preschool. She loves both the teachers and talks about them all the time! I think she has had a wonderful year.
- Marnie, Roy

My child has grown and learned more in his short year with Miss Angie than his 2 years in another preschool. He loves reading and learning now. He also ADORES Miss Angie and will miss her. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
- Kate, Layton


I have loved having 3 of my kids come here now. I really appreciate the genuine concern when one of my kids has had a problem. I have no complaints! Good luck with your new location!
- Shannon, Riverdale


Parker loves school and loves coming to school. I worry that kindergarten won't be as good because you are not the teacher. Thank you so much for all you have done for parker. You are the best.
          - Cassie, Riverdale


This has been our best preschool experience! We are looking forward to next year!!
          - Heather, Hooper


Hunter loves coming to school. The last preschool he went to he just cried when he had to go. He has learned so much this year! Ali can't wait to come! Thanks for everything.
          - Kim, Ogden


VERY pleased with everything.
          - Dolores, Roy



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