The Future of Angie's Kinder Academy!!!

In our continuing effort to be the best early learning center available and to create the most optimal learning environment for our students we have made the decision to undergo an extensive, full scale remodel.

Plans include acquiring the vacant space to the east of our current location.  This space combined with our current space will be used to create a near 4000 square foot, completely redesigned state of the art facility.  Parents and students will enter a spacious lobby with separate entrance and exit doors and multiple check in stations.  Education will take place in one of the six large and cohesive classrooms, each designed to provide an optimal learning environment and equipped with built in storage and wash stations.  The center of our school will be designed and function as a city, providing a variety of activities for students to choose from during their learning centers.  The bathroom will be equipped with multiple stalls and wash stations to accommodate all students.  Finally students will benefit from our newly designed and equipped outdoor playground.  We can't wait to unveil this amazing new school to our parents and students.  

***Our project is currently in review with Roy City.  We are hoping that plans are approved and we are able to move forward over the summer.  However, if plans are not approved, we will not  be adding the 4-day Preschool class or the Wednesday Toddler Time class.  If you wish to enroll in either of these classes please also list a second choice.   



Our Mission at Angie’s Kinder Academy is:

* To provide an educational plan designed to suit the unique needs of each child.

* To help each child build self-esteem and self-confidence through positive reinforcement and love.

* To provide each child with a safe and secure learning environment.


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